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Note: Used book trading is on hiatus due to COVID-19.
We cannot accept used book drop-offs at this time.

Content Used Book Policies

Thank you for your interest in trading your used books at Content! 
  • We offer store credit in exchange for your books. Credit does not expire. Amount of credit will vary depending on demand, condition, and other factors.
  • You may use your store credit at any time for in-store or phone purchases, and may use it to cover the full value of your purchase (as long as the amount is sufficient).
  • We ask that you bring in no more than 4 containers of books at a time, and you or a friend must be able to carry the books into the shop. Please bring only disposable containers (no crates, plastic bins, etc.), and make sure your boxes or bags can safely hold your books without tearing or falling apart.
What kinds of books do we accept?
  • Content is always eager to receive trade books in excellent condition, published since 1980.
  • We very rarely accept books older than 1980. If you have older books, please talk with staff to determine whether they might be of interest to us, or if you’re better off taking them somewhere else.
  • Books must be clean, hardcovers must have intact dust jackets, and have been stored carefully. Books that have been stored in boxes in an attic or garage are very likely to have mold, stains, or other problems that make them unsaleable.  
  • We do not accept:
    • Textbooks
    • Reference books
    • Annuals of any kind (like Taste of Home, etc.)
    • Spiral-bound books
    • Periodicals and magazines
    • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
    • Library books
    • Time-Life series and similar books
    • Mass-market romance novels
    • We generally do not accept books that become dated quickly, such as travel guides, technology books, diet/fitness, finance, and education books.
    • We very rarely accept hardcover popular mysteries that are more than a couple of months old. 
What happens to my books when I bring them to Content?
  • When you bring your books to the shop, please be prepared to wait a few minutes for us to take an initial quick look at your books to make sure they meet our criteria.
  • If your books meet our criteria, we’ll prepare an intake form for your signature, and we’ll review your books within about a week to ten days. This time frame may vary depending on demand and occasional vacations. 
  • Please let us know at drop-off if you’d like us to donate any extras (we cannot provide documentation of donations), or if you’d like to pick them up within 7 days of processing.
  • We’ll call or email you to let you know the amount of your store credit. If you have books to pick up, we’ll ask you to pick them up within 7 days, after which point we’ll donate any remaining books.

Questions? Call us at 507-222-9238, or email the store at 

Thank you!